Ever since 1998, I have been designing various ads, marketing materials, books, digital wedding albums and websites. Below are just a few of the examples of pieces I have designed over the years. In 2017, I started to get back into web design and I started to take online courses to further my knowledge in that subject. I hope in the upcoming years to continue to grow this portfolio page with more pieces, especially in web development.

pixel maker


This was the final project in my three month Grow with Google Scholarship through Udacity for Front End Web Development. We had to build this application utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I took it one step forward and utilized flexbox in CSS to make it responsive for all devices. This project helped me utilize my knowledge I learned in the class for JavaScript and jQuery and also allowed me to test out flexbox for the first time.

Battleship Game

BattleShip Game

I worked on this application while working through the book Head First JavaScript Programming. We had to build a BattleShip type game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It was good practice learning how to manipulate the DOM and make an enjoyable, functional game.

Color Picker Game

Color Picker Game

I created this website while working through the course at Udemy called Colt Steel's Bootcamp. I was working through the JavaScript section of the course and utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create this fun and eye appealing game. At the top of the game, there is an RGB code. You have to click on the image that you think matches that RBG color value. When you do, all the blocks turn to the correct color.

Portfolio Page

Portfolio Website

I found out in April 2018 that I was accepted into the second phase of the Grow with Google Scholarship Program. There was over 100,000 people who applied and they only picked 15,000 people for the first phase of the Front-End Web Development Program. After 3 months, they chose 1,500 people to move on to the second 6 month phase of the program. This was the first project for this course. We had to recreate a portfolio page that will eventually hold all of the projects we create in the 6 month long course. I had to utilize HTML and CSS for this website.

todo maker

Memory Game

This was the second project for the Front-End Web Development Nanodegree program at Udacity that I earned a scholarship for thru Google. We had to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build this game. Udacity provided us with the basic layout of the deck and cards and we had to make everything fully functionable. I used vanilla JavaScript for this one instead of using jQuery. We had to make the game responsive on all devices utilizing media queries too. It was quite a challenge but a good exercise in using vanilla JavaScript.

patatap clone

Patatap Clone

This was a project I worked on in Colt Steel's Web Developer Bootcamp from Udemy. We utilized HTML and CSS along with two libraries including Paper.js and Howler.js. It was a first time that I worked with either library, so it was a great learning experience. To see it in action, click on the link and press any of the letter keys to make a nice melody.

Carnevale Website

Website Design

This is a website that I designed back in 2011 for a local business in my town called Carnevale Electric. I am currently working on a redesign with the owener because the business is doing well. The business has a lot more content now to share with his current customers. The original version was mostly designed in Photoshop and then put together using mostly html and css to form the layout. The new version utilizes Bootstrap so it is responsive in all formats. You can see the new version of the website at the link provided below.

Music From The Heart Website

Website Design

This is a website that I am working on for a local piano teacher in my town. I found her on facebook when I was looking for a teacher for my daughter. She expressed an interest on getting her own website up but didn't have any idea on how to make that happen. I created this website for her in 2017 to practice what I was learning online in my courses utilizing html, css and bootstrap 4. We are hoping to have a fully functionable website up in early 2018 but you can check out our progress in the link below.

Antonios Website

Website Design

While I was studying html/css this year, I wanted to challenge myself with creating a website with a menu. I picked my son's favorite local pizza shop who hired a company called ezgomenu to take their menu, scan it and just get a quick website up that is mobile friendly. I wanted to take that and design a new website utilizing the knowledge I learned in html and css this year to make something a little more eye appealing. You can see their current website design here and you can click on the link below to see my redesign.

Golden Rule Logo

Logo Design

This is a logo I created for Golden Rule Photography. The owner wanted a photography strip in his logo so after a few attempts he was happy with this design. This design was used in all his promotional materials including magazine ads, flyers, business cards, invoices, postcards and for his website, which I also created. At the time, I also designed his digital wedding albums for his clients.

Mariah Daily Website

Website Design

MariahCareyRegina This is one of many designs for the website I created back in 1997 for Mariah Carey. The website was called Mariah Daily and become one of Mariah's top fansites. My website even had Mariah sending autographs and leaving voicemails to post on my website to get in contact with her fans. This was the site that started my love for digital design work and I thoughly enjoyed updating it everyday.

Postcard Illustraing Solutions

Postcard Design

This was a postcard design that was created to advertise the digital photography work of the business Illustrating Solutions. It was sent to photographers and brides-to-be to advertise the new design format of wedding albums. Digital wedding albums are now the go-to method for most photographers and brides.

Billboard Design

Billboard Design

For this design, I worked with a realtor group here in New Jersey who wanted a billboard ad done that would be displayed on a major highway. It was fall at the time, so they wanted a house wrapped as a present for the upcoming holiday season. I designed the ad in Illustrator and Photoshop and worked with the client to create an ad they were pleased with.

Carnevale Logo

Business Card Design

Along with designing the companies logo and website, I also designed the marketing materials. I designed the company letterhead, lawn signs and of course the business card. The owner was a nice and simple layout that was easy to read and that conveyed his contact information to his customers.

Billboard Design

Billboard Design

After the first Billboard design went up and was on display for several months, the realtor wanted to design another billboard ad for their company once the holiday season was done. Once again, I utilized Illustrator and Photoshop to create the ad and this time they wanted a yellow brick row leading to a house for sale by their company. Of course, they had to have Toto featured in there too.

Golden Rule Ad

Ad Design

Since I did the logo, business card and website for the Golden Rule Photography company, I also did their ads that were featured in Bridal Magazines.


Newspaper Design

I worked for two newspaper companies here in New Jersey. One comapny that I designed this ad for was the Haddonfort Nightly Weekly Newspaper. The other company was a huge newspaper company here in New Jersey and Philadelphia called The Courier Post. I really enjoyed working for that company and designed various ads for car dealerships and local businesses. It was very exciting seeing my designs for both companies weekly in the newspaper.

Postcard Design

Postcard Design

My first job out of college was working for a Fortune 500 Company in Cherry Hill, NJ called Congress Title. They were a mortgage company and as a service to their realtor clients, they provided marketing materials free and at a discounted rate. This was one of many postcards I created for the company, along with designing their company catalog that the realtors would pick their free marketing matierals from. We made shipping labels, postcards, flyers and business cards.